What To Do After You've Filed Your Bankruptcy

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What To Do After You've Filed Your Bankruptcy

20 January 2022
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Once you've finally made the decision to file for bankruptcy, there are a handful of things you should be doing to get your finances back on track. Although your creditors have stopped calling and sending you letters, you still have to get your finances in order for your post-bankruptcy life. This is a time when you should have learned from the mistakes of your past and begun an entirely new path to a much more financially stable future. Read on for a few of the things you should be doing after you have filed for bankruptcy.

Go To Credit Counseling

Going to credit counseling after you've filed for bankruptcy may seem like a moot point, but it can help you not only pay back debts, it can help you understand your finances better and get a better idea of what you have to spend and how much you should be putting away into a savings account to prevent issues with getting into debt too deeply again. If you have never been to credit counseling before, you could really benefit from the information they can provide.

Start Saving Money

Again, you should begin to understand your finances a bit better, and if you can put money away now so that you aren't paying back your debts to your creditors, you should have some money to put away into a savings account. Put at least 10% of your paycheck into a savings account so in the event of an emergency, you have money to use instead of using a credit card or some other form of payment that could put you back into debt.

Consider Purchases Carefully

If you intend on purchasing anything in the near future, consider it carefully so you don't end up in financial trouble. This is especially true of major purchases, but those smaller purchases can really add up too. Consider your purchases before you run out to buy something and do your research, don't just jump in with both feet to buy something impulsively. Impulse buying may have been what brought you into your poor financial situation to begin with.

If you have filed for bankruptcy, you have some things to do to get ready for when your bankruptcy actually settles and is discharged. Talk to a local bankruptcy attorney about what other things you should be doing after you file for bankruptcy and what you need to do after it has been discharged.

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