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What Happens To Your Student Loans During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

26 February 2019
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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a "debt consolidation" bankruptcy, which restructures all of your debts in a way that makes them more manageable to pay. But what about student loans? You may have heard that student loans can't be discharged through bankruptcy, but that doesn't mean that bankruptcy can't help. What Happens During Bankruptcy? During the process of bankruptcy, all your debts are considered to be "on hold." Until the bankruptcy is completed, creditors cannot continue contacting you for the debt. Read More …

Talk To A Bankruptcy Attorney For Guidance When You Need Help With Debt You Can’t Repay

8 January 2019
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If you've accumulated a large amount of debt and struggle to make ends meet, bankruptcy might be the best solution for your problem. You could stay stuck in a financial disaster for years when you have credit card debt because constantly falling behind and making minimum payments makes it nearly impossible to pay off your debt. That can cripple your finances and ruin your chance at a decent retirement. A bankruptcy attorney can look over your financial situation and decide if bankruptcy is a good option for you. Read More …

Main Steps You Must Take In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

21 November 2018
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Filing for Chapter 7 is something that will take approximately four to six months to complete, in most cases, and it will require a series of steps. Here are the main steps you will need to take if you decide to file for Chapter 7. Meet With a Lawyer The first step involves meeting with a lawyer to discuss your situation, learn more information, and find out if Chapter 7 is right for you. Read More …

Having A Hard Time Repaying Your Student Loans? Here’s Three Strategies That May Provide Relief

28 September 2018
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If you're like many people who borrowed money to get through college, you're struggling to repay your student loans. Naturally, recent graduates should expect to tighten their belts for a few years until their earning power increases to the extent that their student loan payments are more manageable, but some are truly experiencing difficulties making these payments on a regular basis because they're left with little or no wiggle room in their budgets. Read More …

3 Ways Bankruptcy Will Help You If You Owe A Lot Of Money

21 August 2018
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If you cannot pay your debts and continuously receive calls from creditors asking you for money, you may want to seek advice from a bankruptcy attorney. Filing for bankruptcy is not something most people turn to right away, yet it can be a great option when you have no other way out of your debt problems. Talking to a lawyer is a great way to learn more about the ways bankruptcy will help you, and here are three of the top ways bankruptcy helps people in situations similar to yours. Read More …

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