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Not Sure You Want To File For Bankruptcy? Here Are Four Things You Should Consider While You’re Waiting

14 December 2017
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If you're in debt, and you can't find anyway out, bankruptcy is always an option. If you've decided against bankruptcy, you need to consider the options, such as credit counseling, debt consolidation loans, and payment negotiations. Once those avenues have failed, it will be time to sit down with a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is a viable way to get yourself out of the debt that is consuming your life. If you're still not happy with the thought of filing bankruptcy, here are four things you should take into consideration. Read More …

After Bankruptcy: What’s Next?

2 October 2017
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If you've finally come to terms with your financial problems and made the tough decision to declare chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are likely dealing with some emotional fallout. In spite of a widely-held belief that people who declare bankruptcy are irresponsible and lazy, most people think long and hard about this major legal move before they take that step to file. It's not easy to admit that your financial situation has gotten so far out of control, and you know that the financial ramifications of a federal filing can continue to affect your for years to come. Read More …

Two Reasons Why Now Is A Good Time For You To File Bankruptcy

17 July 2017
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Drowning in a sea of bills is rarely a pleasant experience for anyone.  It can be so disheartening to realize that your expenses have piled up to such an extent that you truly don't know how you're going to see your way out of it.  If you are currently in this position, you might be toying around with the idea of filing for bankruptcy.  However, if you've been given misinformation about exactly what bankruptcy is, you could be hesitant to go for it. Read More …

Drowning In Debt? 4 Steps To Recover From Your Financial Crisis

2 July 2017
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If you're in debt, and it doesn't look like there's an end in sight, don't give up. There's a way to get out from under the debt so that you can move on with your life. Unfortunately, when the bill collectors are calling you night, and day, it can be difficult to think clearly. Don't let debt destroy your life. Here are four steps you can take to take control of your financial future: Read More …

How Are Payday Loans Handled In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

26 May 2017
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Of the two main types of bankruptcy you can file, Chapter 7 is typically the preferred method, because it offers forgiveness of debt. Chapter 13, on the other hand, requires a plan to repay the debt you owe. If you are thinking of filing Chapter 7 and are wondering if your outstanding payday loans can be included, here are a few things you will want to know before you file. Read More …

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